How to prepare the property before a photoshoot with Diakrit

Creating the perfect scene for the photoshoot makes it easier for buyers to envisage themselves living in the home, creating that emotional connection. Our Diakrit Photoshoot Checklist will take you room by room and help you set the scene for the photoshoot. Overall here are some important things to remember:

Less is more

Besides making sure every area is clean and hiding everyday items that can make a room look cluttered and messy, consider which other objects (including furniture) can be removed or placed to make rooms look spacious and inviting. 

Make the buyer feel at home

Set aside personal items such as photographs of loved ones and memorabilia to add an element of neutrality to your home where buyers aren’t influenced by your style and can imagine themselves living in that space. 

Light up your home 

Create free spaces around windows so natural sunlight can stream through. Also, ensure all lights are working as they may be required to create the perfect shot. Extra decorations such as candles, flowers, throw blankets, and plants can also enhance the look and feel of a room. 

Hide away cords and cables

Ensure all cords and cables are out of sight during the photoshoot, even if it means unplugging a device while the room is being shot. 

If the property is tenanted, take the time to communicate with tenants well in advance about the process and what they can do to help on the day. Share our Photoshoot Checklist to help guide them before the photoshoot. Consider the benefits of offering a financial incentive for tenants. A well-presented property will sell faster and for more money, so it would be a worthwhile investment. 

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