How to use Photo Styling™ on Facebook

Promote your Photo StylingTM link on Facebook to increase engagement with your listing and grow your online presence. 

Before you get started, ensure you have a Facebook Business page. Create a Photo StylingTM Facebook post template (see our example below for inspiration) and have your Photo StylingTM  URL ready. 


Visualise your dream makeover in your new home! 

Attention home buyers! Do you want to see what this stunning property looks like with a new kitchen? Discover the home's full potential by virtually refurbishing it to your taste. Click the link below to create your dream space…

[Insert Diakrit Link Here]
🏠 [Insert Property Address Here]
🛏️ [Insert number of Bedrooms]
🛁 [Insert number of Bathrooms]
☀️ [Add extra features]
🌳 [Add extra features]
👟[Add local area features]
[Insert Website Listing Link Here]

[Insert Your Ad Text Here] (optional)


Using the listings Photo StylingTM link, create 3-5 different looks for the room by choosing different colours and textures for the different areas. Save these looks once finished with each one by clicking on the Download button on the top right corner. 

  1. Click Create Post and copy and paste your pre-prepared template  into the text box, including the Photo StylingTM URL.
  2. Click on the image icon to upload your styled kitchen images to the post. 
  3. Click Post to share to your newsfeed.

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