Floorplan Guide for Real Estate Agents in Australia

At Diakrit, our trained photographers and draftspeople follow structured guidelines based on the International Property Measurement Standards (IPMS). Our guidelines also align with the Australian Property Institute’s Methods of Measurement and the Property Council of Australia's Method of Measurement for Residential Property.

What’s their purpose? 

Real estate floorplans illustrate property layout and dimensions for the sale or lease of a property and are not to be used for architectural accuracy or building measurements. Our floorplans clearly state this in a mandatory disclaimer at the foot of your floorplan. 

What tools do we use?  

Currently, we use laser measures and draw to scale on-site. Due to recent technological advancements, we are moving towards new technology, based on our own photogrammetry system to capture accurate details. Third-party options like Cubicasa and LiDAR have been explored but are found to have limitations. 

What dimensions do we quote? 

We follow IPMS guidelines, quoting the largest percentage of the wall. We measure to the rear of built-in wardrobes or counters, if they are located along this wall, as it’s the room dimension being quoted, not accessible floor space. 

Our interactive Furnish™ tool can be used by potential buyers to get accurate dimensions on other parts of any space. 

How do we measure area and wall thickness? 

We assume standard wall thicknesses based on common industry standards, which may differ slightly from actual thicknesses in architectural plans

How accurate are our dimensions? 

Dimensions are quoted to one decimal place to avoid confusion from small discrepancies and to keep the plan uncluttered

Why might your plan have different measurements to a previous one? 

Your previous plan may have different criteria and methods for calculating quoted areas. Some building plans include covered patio areas, verandas, and eaves in the 'under roof area' measurement, while others include covered external areas and exclude open areas. Some plans quote 'liveable areas,' including open decks or verandas but excluding garages unless they are internal to the main residence.

What’s included in total measurements? 

We adhere to the standards set by the Property Council of Australia and IPMS to ensure consistency and protect against property misrepresentation. Your total area measurements will include everything inside the outside walls but will exclude internal garages and void areas. ie. open spaces over stairs and areas open to the floor below. Patios, decks, and verandas, directly connected to the property are considered external areas.

Should you quote total areas on your floorplans? 

For more accuracy and reliability, we suggest against quoting total areas. It may cause confusion if vendors or buyers compare with other plans showing different figures. If you wish to include total areas, we include an industry-standard disclaimer on all plans and require a waiver to protect both you and Diakrit.


Preferences for Diakrit Floorplans

  1. Labeling: Rooms are named in a specific order (e.g., 'Master Bed,' 'Bed 2') and in order of size. For other rooms, naming is flexible (e.g., 'Patio,' 'Living'). Inform the floor planner of any specific preferences.
  2. General Preferences: Interaction with a floor planner ensures your preferences for room names or other features are captured. If not possible, changes can be made using our Correction tool.
  3. Inclusions: We indicate standard inclusions on our floorplans, such as cupboards, built-in appliances, ceiling fans, and AC units. If something is missing, you can request changes to these standard inclusions for your floorplans or make necessary one-off markups in our ‘Correction Tool’.
  4. Aesthetic Preferences: Our drafters aim to replicate details accurately but may face limitations due to plan complexity. Corrections can be requested through our ‘Correction tool’.
  5. 3D Floorplans: Our experienced team design 3D floorplans to best use the space and show volume. They do not mirror the exact layout of furniture within the property. You can request changes to your 3D floorplan via the ‘Correction Tool’. 


Diakrit Plans Are Market Leading

We are committed to delivering quality and accurate plans. Despite our quality control, occasional errors may occur. Corrections can be made through our easy-to-use ‘Correction Tool’ or by contacting our Australian Customer Solutions Team at 1300 475 118.

To ensure efficiency, compile and submit all changes at once. This avoids delays from multiple revision rounds.

If you have any questions in regards to how we draft floorplans, feel free to speak to your Account Manager.

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