How to win listings with Diakrit

Diakrit offers partners a range of complementary marketing collateral designed to help agents showcase the features and benefits of using Diakrit to market a property.

Speak to your Diakrit Account Manager to access the Diakrit Agent Toolbox, which contains the following:

Tablet Presentation 

Use the Tablet Presentation to go through your unique photography style, show vendors how their floorplans will look in 2D and 3D and let them try out all the demos for the interactive tools. This gives vendors a true ‘buyers experience’ when it comes to interacting with their property online and will make you stand out from other agents in the lounge room.

Photoshoot Checklist 

The Photoshoot Checklists showcases you as a trusted advisor and helps vendors prepare their home for the photoshoot. The Photoshoot Checklist contains tips and tricks to present the different areas of the home in the best way, creating a memorable first impression.  Leave this behind after the appraisal or send to your vendor once you’ve won the listing. 

Vendor Brochure

The Vendor Brochure includes a short description of all of the marketing tools available to promote your listings online and demos in the web version for the vendor to try themselves. This is great to include in your email confirmation before the appraisal to give the vendor a better understanding of the unique marketing approach you’ll be talking through in your listing presentation. Otherwise, you can leave behind the print version. 

Photographic Style Guide 

The Photographic Style Guide helps you easily explain to vendors how your unique photography style will enable more buyers to click on their photos compared to others on the market.  By using straightforward and engaging angles inspired by interior design magazines, your photography is guaranteed to create a memorable first impression.

Pre-Listing Video

Send your vendor this short pre-list video in your confirmation email/text to give them a sneak preview of the interactive and engaging property marketing tools you’ll explain in more detail at the appraisal to help them get the best results for their home.

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