How to use Property Video on Facebook

Catch the attention of potential buyers and grow your online presence by sharing your Property Video on Facebook. 

Before you get started, ensure you have a Facebook Business page. 

  1. Select your delivered order in the Diakrit Shop and click on D-Film Download link. 
  2. Once the Vimeo link opens, click Download. Select the Original file. This will download the MP4 file to your device. Note this cannot be done on mobile, only desktop. 
  3. Click Create Post and click on the  Photo/Video icon to upload your Property Video.   
  4. While the video is loading, insert descriptive text about the property, including the website listing link. 
  5. When the video is uploaded, select Video Options and click on Change Thumbnail. Select Choose from video and then scroll all the way to the end and select the final frame with your agent contact details on it and click Save.
  6. Click Post to share your video live to your Facebook page. 
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