How to use Furnish™ on Facebook

Promote your FurnishTM link on Facebook to increase engagement with your listing and grow your online presence.

Before you start, ensure you have a Facebook Business page. Download the 3D floorplan of your listing from the Diakrit Shop and have your FurnishTM URL ready. Create a FurnishTM Facebook post template (see our example below for inspiration).


❗ ❗ STOP ❗ ❗

Are you looking for your dream home??

[Insert Diakrit Link Here]


Click on this link and move your sofa, bed, TV, rug and more into this living space! Find out if your furniture is the perfect fit for this stunning property, and picture any renovations you would make to create your dream space. Easily add or remove a room or walls and see the layout of the home change before your eyes to create your ideal living space.


  1. Click Create Post and copy and paste your pre-prepared template into the text box, including the FurnishTM  URL.
  2. Click the image icon to upload the saved image of your 3D floorplan. 
  3. Click Post to share to your newsfeed. 

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