Photo Play offers an all-in-one content hub for vendors to view and experience their property marketing content. 

How it works:

  • Photos
    Users can click through the property photos using the arrow on either side of the images. 

  • Start Slideshow
    Users can click on the play button to start an automatic slideshow of property photos.  

  • Gallery View
    Users can view thumbnails at the bottom of the screen as they click through the property photos. 

  • Share
    Users can share the floor plan on their social media or use the QR code to view their mobile.

  • Fullscreen
    Users can make the application fullscreen. 

  • More
    Users can access further information about the product, including the Privacy and Cookie Policy.

  • Explore more ways to interact with this home
    Users can switch between the interactive tools connected to this order such as Furnish™ , Photo Panorama™ VR and Photo Styling™.


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