Photo Styling™ is an interactive image used to inspire potential renovations in a property. Users can digitally customise the colours and textures of the floors, walls, countertops, cabinets, and splashback to better visualise the potential in any living space.


How it works:

  • Surface menu (e.g. Wall Colour, Flooring, Cabinets etc.)
    Users can click on the customisable surfaces at the bottom of the page and scroll through the available textures and colours. They can also click inside the photo to select which surface they want to update.

  • Comparison Slider
    Users can click to activate the slider on the top right-hand side of the image. Users then drag the slider back and forth to compare the original image with their customised image. 

  • Reset
    Users can click to reset the image back to its original state. 

  • Download
    Users can download their customised image as a png file.

  • Share
    Users can share the customised image on their social media or by using the QR code to view on their mobile.

  • Full screen
    Users can make the application full screen. 

  • More
    Users can access further information about the product, including Privacy and Cookie Policy.

  • Explore more ways to interact with this home
    Users can switch between the other interactive tools connected to this order such as Furnish™ and Photo Panorama™ VR.


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