Evening Shoot & Simulated Dusk Shoot

Diakrit offers two options for twilight photography; Dusk and Evening Shoot.

Dusk Photography
Diakrit’s Dusk photography turns a daytime facade photo into a simulated dusk shot. Our photographers use a special technique to shoot the property facade in the daylight. Then during the editing stage, our talented Digital Imaging team uses advanced techniques to convert the photo into an inviting dusk shot.

Dusk photos offer a convenient alternative to an Evening Shoot for agents and vendors, particularly in summer when Evening photoshoots run quite late. It also helps save time for agents and vendors to create dusk shots across multiple properties without being limited to only one a day to capture that ‘special’ shot.

The finished product of our Dusk can vary depending on weather conditions and the time of day. Our photographers work hard to minimise reflections in the windows to help our editors create a photo where the viewer can see through to the inside of the house. Other factors which may impact a Dusk shot are lights and shadows, such as a large tree out the front of the property may create dappled shadows, which can be tricky for our editors to work around.

  • For best results when booking a Dusk, please consider the time of day and weather conditions.
  • Book a morning or late afternoon photoshoot when the sun is not too intense.
  • Check the orientation of the facade to ensure the sun is not behind the house and shining straight into the lens.
  • For facades with shade patterns, try and book on a cloudy day.



Evening Shoot
For premium properties or properties with a view, we recommend booking an Evening Shoot. An Evening Shoot will take place at sunset or shortly afterwards and will capture the home in its natural light, invoking feelings of warmth and creating a desire to enjoy the lifestyle of the home. Timing is everything for an Evening shoot, as every minute counts to capture those perfect shots of the sunsetting. The finished product of an Evening Shoot will also vary between orders depending on the type of sky captured at the time. 

For best results when booking an Evening Shoot, please consider the below.

  • The more prepared, the better the shots will turn out. Please allow our photographer the maximum amount of time for Evening shoots as there is not much to reshoot once it turns dark. 
  • Weather conditions on the day can alter the finished product. Our Digital Imaging team will always edit to make the sky appear blue and natural, even on dark and gloomy days.



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