Photography Editing Styles

Diakrit has three editing styles - Classic, Magazine and Dynamic.
Each editing style has different settings relating to exposure, contrast, saturation, warm tones, window coverage for the interior, window coverage for the exterior, and exterior sky. Our photographers take three raw photos with varying exposures during the photo shoot, which enables our editing team to use the best elements of each photo to create a high quality, crisp photo according to the particular editing style.

Classic editing style
Diakrit’s Classic editing style is a traditional and informative editing style with a saturated colour scale and full coverage in the windows so that the viewer can take advantage of both the inside and outside the home. The editing style shows homes the way we are used to seeing them and fits well with all homes, not least family homes with lots of colours and patterns.


Magazine editing style
Diakrit’s Magazine editing style draws inspiration from interior design magazines and focuses on a tighter and more stripped-down style. It is a more modern, natural and artistic choice where the main focus is to bring a natural feel to the image and enhance existing daylight.


Dynamic editing style
Diakrit’s Dynamic editing style is focused on the creative interplay between light, shadow and colour tone to create a dynamic mood in the home. Overall exposure is decreased to a cosy darker level, with a soft contrast. We focus on adding depth by emphasizing shadows around objects and framing the images with a light vignette.



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