How do I make a booking for Video or Drone?

Log in to the Diakrit shop and click on Products in the top menu. Hover your mouse over each package to see if the package includes the video/drone product. If it does, then continue the ordering process by selecting the desired package and then inputting the correct information into the fields under General details and Point of contact. After you have completed filling in the necessary information, please click on Proceed and the order will be created. 

If the package selected does not include drone/video, then first select the main package that you would like to order. Then fill out the property details on the ordering page and scroll down to the Product choices section. Here you will be able to select the video or drone service that you would like to add to your order. 

All orders inclusive of drone or video will have to go through the assisted booking process which means that there will be no option to select the date/time for these products. You will be able to select the date and time for the photoshoot, then Customer Solutions will automatically book in the drone/video order for the same date and time. If you wish to book in the drone/video order for a different time to the photoshoot, then please include this in the Comment section on the order page.

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