How do I order and collect my deliveries from Agentbox

This integration allows you to link your Diakrit marketing order with your Agentbox listing, where your deliveries will flow through to Agentbox automatically. You'll only need to enter the property details once and the information will flow through to your Diakrit order. No more copying and pasting links or downloading and uploading photos and floorplans into your CRM, these will now be delivered straight into your CRM.

Activating the Integration

Step 1

Contact the Agentbox support team to request the Diakrit Integration to be turned on. Agentbox will liaise with your Principal for authorisation.

Phone: +61 2 8999 3370


Step 2

Agentbox will advise Diakrit of the API credentials and we will activate the integration from our end. You'll be notified by Diakrit once your integration is set up - you should expect to revive this within 48 hours. It's that easy!


Click to Order

Step 1 
Log in to Agentbox and find the listing you wish to book your Diakrit content for. 


Step 2
Once you have your listing card open, select the General tab to book your Diakrit content. 


Step 3
Click the Diakrit button on the right hand side. This will take you to the Diakrit shop where you can select your marketing package as usual. 


Step 4
Once you select your package you will find the listing information pre-filled in the Diakrit order form. 


Receiving your deliveries

Step 1 
Await your email confirming the delivery of your Diakrit order (24-48 hours after photoshoot)


Step 2
Log into Agentbox and open your property listing. Click on Resources in the top menu bar to view your delivered marketing products. 


Step 3
All interactive products delivered will appear under Links. You can choose to remove the links which you do not want to be associated with the listing online (i.e. Social Video).


Corrections and Extra Photos


Place your corrections using the Diakrit Correction Tool, or by contacting Customer Solutions.

We recommend deleting the photo you have placed a correction on, from your property listing in Agentbox to avoid confusion when the corrected photo is redelivered. 

Upon delivery, only the corrected photos will be redelivered, so not to disrupt your order or any additional ordering already made.


Extra Photos

Order your extra photos from the Extra Photos tab in the Diakrit shop. 

Only the extra photos will be delivered, so not to disrupt your order. 


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