How do I reschedule an existing booking?

Please note that the below process is only applicable for rescheduled bookings with more than 24 hours notice prior to the original booking time. If the order you wish to reschedule includes Evening photo services, Drone shoots, and Video (Local Area property video and Property video), this cannot be done online and will have to be reschedule manually by contacting our Customer Solutions team.

Log in to the Diakrit shop and select Orders and click on your order. Click on the Reschedule button which will bring up the Calendar overview. Choose a date and preferred start time in the drop-down menus, or leave them as is and scroll down to view the calendar and photographer availability for the next five days. Under each photographer's name, click More times to view other times that are available that day. Click on your chosen date, time and photographer to select that booking and then click Proceed.

If you need further assistance to reschedule your package into the calendar, you can select Assisted booking, and our Customer Solutions team will contact you to process the bookings on your behalf. Once you select Assisted booking, this then places the order in the system where either you can contact our Customer Solutions team directly, or they will contact you and have all the details of the order.

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